Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 1st

It has been a pretty good week-a little disappointing- yesterday, again, we had no one at church.  Christian had his interview on Saturday  and passed and everything.  Everything was set for his baptism, all he had to do was come to church,...but as I told you, no one came...we called after church and his mom said that she had slept in... so, his baptism will have to be the 13th, the last Saturday before transfers. 

Narcissa never answered her phone yesterday, so we don’t know what happened with her, but I think we are going to end up leaving her since the Hermanas were working with her before I got here and we are still working with her, but we´ll see.  

We have a new family that we are working with, as well-  the family Montano- and we found them in our area.  The Hermanas before had left them because they weren´t married and didn’t have plans to do so very soon, but they now are married and they are great...they just have yet to come to church, but they have an adorable little boy named Jairo, he is 3 and just a ball of energy!!  Ha, ha!!   We are going to keep working and teaching them the importance of coming to church.

In the Lord´s time will make it to the baptismal font and eventually, to the temple!   We, well, I also had the opportunity to do divisions with Hermana Castillo on Wednesday!  It was sooo fun!!  We talked a ton, about everything and anything and laughed and had a great time!!

Well, as I told you on Monday, we went to Chimborazo and it was great!! My companion got super sick, we think from the altitude, it is one of or the highest in the world, because Ecuador is already so high up then a volcano on top of it, but the rest of us were fine...at least until that night, we all had a horrible heachache!!!  So worth it!  It started snowing on us while we were there- the snow was soo pretty!!!

It is so true!  After high school, all the big decisions start!  As I have been talking with Hermana Castillo and it applies even more so now..we were talking about how the next really big decision we are going to be making is who we are going to be spending eternity with....just eternity-- no biggie! 

Get your patriarchal blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a huge help and guides in this phase of life!!

It is so true, even as missionaries, sometimes it is hard to accept the timing of the Lord in our lives and in the lives of those we are teaching, but I know that when we put our trust in Him, He will help us and everything will turn out the way it was always meant to be!

Take every advantage you have to go to the temple and be sure you are reading your scriptures-- the words of the Lord, special for you!! 
love you all have an amazing week!! 

Karlee Jo

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