Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May 18th

Wow!  It was a very fast week! A little disappointing yesterday that none of our investigators or part-actives came to church- but we had a great weekend full of reunions!!

Thursday we had our typical zone/district reunion, Saturday we had a special zone conference with the Guaranda zone, 11:30-4, so since we all 6 eat lunch together Saturday and Sunday, we ate ‘lunch’ at 10 before the conference, it was suuper good, but a ton of food!! 

Sunday was our district conference, like stake conference, and had some amazing talks, and the Elders said that in the priesthood session, President Christensen talked a lot about why they weren’t a stake, and really it is only because they don’t have enough faithful priesthood holders to ‘upgrade,’ but they will get there. They have put a lot of emphasis in finding and teaching families for us, so we have been working hard with that and last week, we found a family that was in our area book- that the Hermanas had taught before, but left because they weren’t married and didn’t have plans to do so soon- but when we were flipping through the book, we found them, and called and set up an appointment and they are super cool! They are now married and they seem really excited that we are visiting them again, the only down side is that they didn’t come to church yesterday..:( but we are going to continue working hard with them and the others that we have so that they can know how important it is to go to church, and take this step in their lives. 

We actually had a great zone activity today; we went to a nice soccer field and they are all like indoor courts here, but that is better, it means we don’t have to chase the ball!  It was super fun, our zone leaders split us up into teams and we played against each other. The first game was one elder against the 8 Hermanas!!   It is kind of sad and funny when the 3 Gringas play better than the Latinas,  ya know!  It was super fun, the second game was team against team- we had to score 2 goals, and then they asked afterwards who scored the goals?  Elder so and so –so, then the third game we played, only the Hermanas could score the goals; it was super fun!!  Then we talked about what we learned and how we can apply it to the mission; then we just played.  It was a ton of fun!! Afterwards, we all went to eat at the mall, we laughed a ton and had a great time!! 

The best thing I’ve had to eat this week was a burger from Carl’s Jr. today!  Ha,ha, well it isn’t that bad- it just isn’t the same..I do, however, eat soup just about every day for lunch, but we have to eat a plate of rice and meat..and other stuff after that..they eat soup here like the entrée, but hey…

Ha,ha!  It definitely takes time to actually write a letter, but I give you the challenge to have one written to put in my next package and I will try and get another one written as well!! 
My companion is Hermana Ferrufino, she´s good, she laughs at everything, so I am trying to have patience and laugh and enjoy it, but sometimes it would be nice to just be in silence for a few minutes!  Other than that, she is the typical Latina that takes forever to get ready and doesn’t seem to care or notice that we are going to be late or that I am ready and waiting so we can leave…but like you told me last week, I just need to be humble and forget about myself...I’m not here for me.  She´s not perfect and I am far from it..., we both have our faults and I just need to relax and enjoy the time together! 

Love you all
Always and forever,

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