Tuesday, June 9, 2015

April 20th

Wow! First off, I can’t believe it snowed there!! It has been super hot today so it is even harder to imagine that!! Ha,ha well, it really isn’t all that hot- the thermometer says that it is only like 59º, but the sun is so much closer here that it feels super hot!  It was such a nice change- that we were sweating and not just sitting playing cards all of p-day! 

This week was a little disappointing! We worked hard all week and had 2 with commitments that said yes they were coming, another that said she was coming and like 6 part-actives that said they were coming and we were super excited…but, no one came!!:(   One, when we called, was like, oh, well, my son needs another lesson with you before he is ready to go to church...not true he was ready, his mom, a part-active that keeps finding any and every excuse to not come...it is a common theme in this branch-- entre los part-actives!  That just means that we have to work even harder with the members so that all our other work isn’t lost! 
It was also a good week- we found two new investigators, Christian, is the son of one of our part-actives that hasn’t been to church for 9 years!  He is super, super, smart and has lots of questions and we are excited about him and he will progress very well...if his mom will let him...like I said before, she called us and said that they weren’t coming because he wasn’t ready…really, it is she that isn’t ready.   We have another visit with him tomorrow and are excited for that!  Our other is a man named Edmundo, Edmundo is a super cool guy that said when we contacted him in a taxi, that various sets of missionaries had contacted him and he´d given his information, but none of them had ever followed up. He is super cool and he has an interview for the 16th, and he is super cool--we are going to go visit him tonight! 

We haven´t done divisions yet, we are doing them on Thursday!  It will be super cool--I am going to the sector of the Hermana leaders with Hermana Castillo and Hermana Gonzales is coming to our sector.  

I loved the analogy of the seeds, it reminds me of a talk that I heard, something along the lines of every person needing to hear of the church or talk to the missionaries or members on average seven times before they are ready-- and how we never know where we sit on the number line. So, we always have to be talking to people because those that are at a 1 don’t want anything to do with it, but the closer they get to being a 7 the closer they are to being a golden investigator!! But, I loved it; it is motivation to contact! Ha,ha! 

Well, before I forget- the picture I sent of the baptism, was a baptism of the elders and she is super cute! It was super exciting!  
Thanks for always having words of comfort and encouragement every week I love you all so much!!! 
Have a fantastic week!!! Don’t forget to smile!! I love you all sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love always and forever

Karlee Jo

Elders' baptism 
Hermana Group


Booya!  We're stylin'!

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