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15 June 2015

15 June 2015

Well, it is going to be a very exciting transfer day!!  My companion and I get along great and we, of course, are working hard!  She is the second of 4, and has 15 months in her mission, and we have had a lot of fun in the kitchen this week!!  We have an oven in the house, so we have made cookies, banana bread and all sorts of good stuff!!!!!  We also don’t have a pensionista (mama who cooks for them) here in Pelileo- so we cook for ourselves in the house- which is fine by me, I like having the time in the kitchen to cook...I just don’t like the cleaning up part :) What’s new??? Ha, ha :)    -it is great!! 

We had a great week; we have been contacting like crazy and had the opportunity to do service for one of our contacts.  We got to help plant a field and it was super crazy, it started raining when we started and stopped when we stopped-- it was just fantastic!  Ha, ha- but afterwards she gave us some corn and let us try some juice that comes from a plant...the juice was very weird…and we weren’t exactly sure what it was, but hey, all’s good!  Ha, ha! 

We also had a baptism this week, his name is Juan Guachamboza, his baptism was so beautiful; after they had changed, we had like 6 people that we had invited to give their testimonies and the spirit in the room was so amazing!  Juan’s brother, Fausto, shared his testimony and by the end the both of them were crying (Juan and Fausto), it was incredible!!  And we met his mom at the baptism and she came to church on Sunday and now has an interview for the 11th!!!  We were super excited because she and one other son (that lives in Galapagos) are the only ones in their family that are not members, but she is a super cute little lady, she told us that she was afraid of baptism because she was afraid to fall in the water!

We had the opportunity this week, the 4 of us here in the district, to give talks in Sacrament meeting first one here in the mission!! Ha, ha- but they were all really great and then we went to a lesson after lunch and they gave us lunch, we had soup and chicken tacos!!  They were sooo good!!!

The worst part of the week was that, well, we are in winter here so it has been super, super cold and rainy-- then more just a little cold, but other than that it has been great!!

I love you all sooooo much!!!!!! 
Lots of love, hugs and kisses, from Ecuador!!

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