Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 4 MTC

Hola familia!!
 I hope everything at home is going well!! Tuesday night's devo was Elder Richard G Scott! It was so good! He started off by telling us not to have a good mission, but to have a blast! Then he started talking about how our decision to serve a mission will bless our lives in so many more ways than we will know! Love what he had to share! " IN ORDER TO ATTAIN A GOAL NEVER BEFORE ATTAINED, ONE MUST DO THINGS NEVER DONE BEFORE!" He's just so cute! He told us that he wished he could spend at least an hour of one on one time with each of us and just chat- made me super excited for general conference! He just has a way of addressing the room and making it feel like he is speaking directly to you!! Most of his message was on communication with Heavenly Father. *It is not a trivial matter, it is a sacred privilege (prayer) *the Almighty God himself, encourages us to communicate with him. *He wants you to succeed and will help you do it *Be careful to act on impressions and feelings *learn to ask the Lord the right questions * Be careful to seek His will and be willing to change and pray for help to fulfill and succeed. *The scriptures promise an answer, they don't say when.
He talked about 3 ways to receive an answer 1- feel the peace, the burning in the bosom, and know it’s right, 2- the stupor of thought, unsettled feeling/clouded feeling, we know it’s wrong 3- no response (comes later)- this helps us grow, makes us exercise faith and assume accountability without prior confirmation. *feelings of peace and tender mercies are evidence of God's love for you! * have faith in the Lord and be obedient. (1 Nephi 5:8;3:7) *HE DIDN’T CALL YOU HERE TO FAIL, HE CALLED YOU HERE TO SUCCEED GLORIOUSLY!! *He doesn't usually answer your prayers while you are on your knees, but at quiet moments such as scripture study-when it can touch our, it is important to do those things that will allow the spirit to touch our hearts, such as reading scriptures daily so we may receive answers. *the greater our faith, the greater our character!*have enough humility to overflow your prayers in gratitude * make prayer the sacred communication it should be *He will answer us in ways best suited for our growth and development. 
Sunday we got to watch the temple dedication! (the first session), then our devotional was  Gordon D Brown. He talked about being an effective missionary * you cannot be an effective missionary without prayer *the gospel is a source of joy and the work of the Lord is glorious -gbh
*happiness is a choice-tsm
It was super bien! The devos are amazing!! It is so crazy to think that we leave in two weeks! We should get travel plans the end of this week ! Ahh! So excited! muy animado! 
Tuesday’s devo was a world wide broadcast to all the other MTCs and we've been informed that it will be this week as well and that it will be someone we love! We get to sing 'Joseph Smith's First Prayer' as a choir! Sounds so good! The elders do get to sing in the priesthood session of G.C. --all of our elders minus Elder Johnson..who doesn't like to sing..made it into the choir! So we'll have to watch for them! Very exciting! 
OH YES! The dedication was so beautiful! We saw the 10am dedication! The talks were super good; however, the bleachers were not so great! So uncomfortable!
Yes!! Spanish is coming along! It’s kinda fun, one of our lessons...Hmna Fairbanks is our new sister training leader for the zone and she had a mtg, so Hmna Bitton and I got to teach the lesson by ourselves and it was super nice because we got to say A LOT more than apparently we don’t understand it very well because our investigator challenged us to speak only espanol por un semena! Es muy difacil, pero ayuda muchas! 
Learning so much, about the gospel, about my self and the importance of having the holy ghost present in every lesson and the importance, especially in a trio, of having unity when teaching in order to allow and invite the holy ghost to be present.
Anyway, I love you all so much! So grateful to be here and grateful for your love and support! El evangelio es verdadero y we are now the Lord´s missionaries!! Every one of us!!

Hermana Karlee Jo Carter

Karlee and the "girls"
Karlee and Hermana Bitton

Karlee at Provo Temple

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