Thursday, September 4, 2014

Week One MTC

HOLA!! mucho amor mama y familia!!
 My p-day is Tuesday! Wow this first week has gone so fast it has been so incredible though! I have two companiaras! and they are fantastic! Hermana Bitton is from Ogden and Hermana Fairbanks is from Everett, Washington! There are a total of 9 missionaries in our district! Elders Strong, Berry, Diamond, Johnson, Sorenson, and Moser! It is so fun we are finally past the awkward phase...that lasted maybe two days:) -- so it is way fun now and we eat lunch and talk and study together all the time, just tons of fun and already so close, it will be sad to leave everyone in 5 more weeks! Well, as for our first week, we have already taught an "investigator" three lessons-- in Spanish no less! The first lesson was on day 3! It is amazing to see how much we have learned between lessons! We are understanding more, definTtely not everything! The hardest part is being able to respond, because we know what we want to say- just don't have the words yet to convey what we want to share!
The food is good, its a step or two (large steps) up from regular cafeteria food :) we've had hot dogs, chicken cordon bleu, lasagna, vegetable lasagna, and we always have soup, fruit and salad, and of course a delicious dessert of some kind, usually a doughnut or cookie, 
I have way too many clothes I think and miss my flats so I may have to send a couple of my shoes home and have you send those back....we'll see. 
I love being able to be with people all the time....the studying all my favorite. Usually I do okay but like last night after a full and long exhausting week it was very hard to focus!
Gym time is awesome, we look forward to that daily, only thing I don’t like is it is right after lunch…, but hey, someone's got to have that time so... but Hrmna. Fairbanks loves to exercise so we usually jog to the gym bubbles and then play volleyball for gym or go work out on the elliptical and treadmills, it is good I have someone to help motivate me!!
We got to go to the temple first thing this morning and that was such an amazing experience, as it always is!
The MTC is such an amazing place! We have choir practice twice a week, Sunday nights, here on west campus and then Tuesday nights before Tuesday devotional, at the main campus! It sounds so good! I love choir!! Love you all so much, hopefully next week I will have some pictures for you! Send me some as well! Tell everybody Hi for me.
Love you all so much thank you for your prayers and support!! 
Hermana Karlee Jo Carter

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