Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week Five

So for starters, I did get travel plans on Friday!! I LEAVE MONDAY MORNING AT 4:30AM!!!! 
Can you believe it is here already!!
Tuesday was awesome! We got to hear from M. Russell Ballard! It was so good! Then, Sunday night heard from Steven B Allen, who is the managing director of the missionary department!  It was super good-- about the first vision!
It is kind of nice that we are moving to main campus on Thursday, since that way I only have to unpack my carry-on since I will be there for 3 days.... we move Thursday, have class in the afternoon and evening and then, Friday is our in-field training, Saturday and Sunday are conference and then I leave.....P.S you have to watch Priesthood session!! Our elders are singing in the choir!! 
We havent seen the Women’s broadcast yet, we get to watch it during the Priesthood session! 
Sorry it is such a short letter this week!!
 I hopefully will get to email again this weekend since I leave Monday, but we’ll see.

Love you forever and always

karlee jo carter

PS… also have to tell you of an experience we had on Sunday!
We were trying to find a movie to watch and all the ones we went to were full, so we were heading back to the movie we had already seen and knew there was enough room for all of us, when we ran into some elders that are native Spanish speakers and learning English! It was super cool because one of the Elders Hermana Bitton and I were talking to is from Quito!! --and his family is still there!!! --and he will be serving in SLC!  It was so fun, we talked to them in Spanish and then in English and it was good practice for all of us, but it was also SUPER fun!!! A lot better than any of the movies!!

First temple trip

District with Branch Presidency

Elders from Sunday night... the one on the right is from Quito

Sisters in the District

Last temple trip

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