Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 2 MTC

Hola familia
Esta seenaes muy bueno!! At our devo. Tuesday night we got to hear from Elder Joseph W Sitati of the 70 and his wife Gladys. It was really good! She talked about things we as missionaries... but, I think also a people in general.
1-    Remember who you are. you are a Representative of Christ and God, they will always be at your side! (D&C 84:88) 
2-    Listen with real intent so you can understand! -which is so true, esp. when learning and trying to learn and speak a new language, you have to pay super close attention of you get lost!
3-    Say sorry when there is conflict of disagreement.
4-    have kind regard for the people you serve...which also applies to those you serve with!-they should see Christ's face and his love in yours
5-    the lord has promised an abundance of blessings to those who serve him faithfully
6-    be grateful! Your family has expectations for you
7-    remember Jesus Christ's atonement and what it means in you life
8-    remember Joseph Smith and the restoration- it is because of him we know who we are...because of him we have the BOM- the keystone of our religion
9-    how much the prophet loves you!
10-be grateful for you life! You have much ahead of you!
*Have a desire to do your best!
*We should always look for God's hand in our daily lives
Elder Sitati talked about three main points then expanded
1.    remember your divine potential
2.    Remember the restored gospel is the greatest gift you have received in this life and will take to as many as will listen and receive or that you can offer
3.    honor your covenants! This allows for the constant companionship of the spirit.
4.    he also asked us to remember 3 things 
5.    to try your best and enjoy your time here
6.    this is a sacred responsibility
7.    we are a special generation of missionaries!
8.    he shared 1 Timothy 4:12 which is super bien!
some things he said that I loved "leave a testimony that will pierce their heart" ; "the Lord will manifest his word through you"; "The world is in need of good examples"; begin with an end in mind"; "offer your very best"
*remember who you are and that you were prepared for the foundation of time.
*we are not perfect but do we strive to do our best?
*the lord will help you know how to do it just right
as a choir we sang ' Hope of Israel ' and it sounded soo good!!
For p-day last week...well the same today...after the very first pday we decided to get up at 5:00am and get laundry started. So while it is in the washer we go get the apartment cleaned and then go rotate and come home get ready, Go get breakfast, pick up laundry, then run to catch the bus, to go to the temple. Then we come back walk to Brigham’s Landing. Last week we met a man as we were standing in the parking lot trying to decide what we wanted to eat, he asked us if we were lost, if we knew where the MTC was… yes, just trying to we decided on DP Cheesesteaks, which, by the way, you have to try-- the hot pepper one is super bien!!  So, he drove off..we thought.. as we were looking at the menu trying to decide on a sandwich, he walks in and talks for a min, then says he has to go, but before he left he paid for all of ours! How cool, right!  After we walked back we changed, folded our laundry and then do emails, then play volleyball, go home, change, come eat dinner, then catch the bus for main campus, to go to choir practice followed by the Tuesday devo. P-days are so great!!
Friday we taught Jonathan! It was our second lesson with him and it was soooo goood!! We read lots of scriptures and testified a lot and got the spirit there so strong that we got him to commit to read the BOM, pray, and he said he would maybe be baptized, he wanted an answer first!
On Wednesday, we started TRC's and taught 2 20 min lessons to members- went well!
Then this week MWFS we are teaching Heley. Tomorrow we also have to teach 2 20 min member lessons, Jonathon, and Antonio… YAY us!!
Hmna. Bitton, we noticed on Friday, had something on her eye and her eye looked red so she tried to wash it out and it wouldn’t come so yesterday we went to the health clinic at main campus and they sent us to the 'real world' to an eye doc. who said it was staph infection in her eye.  He gave her some eye drops and said to come back on Friday!  We made it back to west campus just in time for was a very hot and eventful day!!

I am learning a lot and esp. learning patience! It is a good thing! We decided we are going to challenge ourselves to one full day of Spanish- no English...what an adventure that will be!
Sunday we got to hear from Tad A Callister, general sunday school pres., and he talked about the plan of salvation, super good!
 We just found out that the MTC choir...well, the elders get to sing in the priesthood session of GC! Super cool
We also just found out that the MTC is downsizing and no longer needs west campus so we are relocating on the 2nd to main campus....5 well, really 4 days, before I leave..kind a dumb, but whatever.. at least everything will be mostly packed before I leave!
It is so crazy to think we’ve been here for 3 weeks already! We are half way done! It has gone crazy fast and I am sad to be leaving everyone since were so close already but I’m so excited to get to Ecuador!!
Our apartment has 2 bedrooms with 4 beds, a couch ,table, fridge, and full bath. Since we only have 3, not 4, we all have to sleep in the same room, one room is used for sleeping, the other for getting ready. Hmna Bitton sleeps on the floor and says that's where she likes it so....
Our teachers, Hermanos Call and Rockwood, play Antonio and Jonathon, but TRC's we don't know if they are members playing nonmembers or if they really are investigators.. but we also teach 2 member lessons at least once a week- yes, the entire lesson has been in Spanish since day 3 here at the MTC.
Tomorrow we have to teach 5 lessons! I guess it will give us a taste of the real least the missionary world:) most definitely keeping up on the journal though!!
Mama! si este semana es super bien! martes es super bien! escribe cartas to mi familia!! Haha! I will have to work on it!
iLove you all!! Forever and always!!
Hermana Karlee Jo Carter<3<3<3<3

Karlee and her companions
Elders in Karlee's District

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