Saturday, July 18, 2015

13 July 2015

13 July 2015

Well, for this week it was great!  We got to do divisions on Friday through Saturday and I went back to Rio Bamba with Hermana Castillo!!!  It was a blast!!! I can’t believe that she is finishing in 2 weeks!!! She said that her homecoming is going to be on the 8th, but she said that she would send the info to you guys so if you don’t get it let me know and I will have her send it to me and I’ll forward it to you!!

We have been teaching an investigator named Washington, his wife and all of his kids are members, but he is not, and this is the first time that he is listening to the missionaries.  He is great, he has a ton of questions and never shuts up, asks a question and then doesn’t pause long enough that we can explain anything, but we are working with him a lot and with his two older kids who don’t live at home- they live with their grandparents, but we are trying to help all of them--, he won’t come to church because he is afraid that if he goes his kids will stop going, but he also wants them to invite him and then he will go. He is always reading and saying his prayers- he´s great, we just need to help build the relationship between him and his older kids.

I hope you know how much I love and appreciate all of you as well!! 
Well, as far as getting people to come to church... that is the hardest thing here--apart from finding them, because there are a lot of people here that like to listen and like our visits- they just don’t want to change religion or have to do more than they are currently doing!  But we keep working and loving life!! 

We are into week 5, so not this Sunday, but the next we get transfers!!!  It has gone soo incredibly fast!! I can’t believe it!!

I spoke in church again yesterday, when our branch president came up to me, right before it started, and was like- can you talk?, great!  So I talked about Alma 46, the Title of Liberty and then used Mosiah 5:13 and Moroni 7;8 if I am not mistaken, but it was great!!  Everyone was soo quiet, which is very abnormal for our branch, but it came together very well for like a 3 minute prep! Ha, ha--welcome to the mission! :) 

It has been a good week and I hope yours has been as well; I love you all sooooo much and hope you have the best week so far

Love you forever


Sister Castillo and Karlee on Divisions in Rio Bamba

How can you not love these faces?

Look at that cloud!!!

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