Friday, May 29, 2015

March 30th

Wow, what a week! We have been contacting and trying to find new people. We contacted an antiguo that we have hope for. Her name is Narcisa, and she is great, she just needs to come to church. We invited her to come with us to the women´s conference and she was excited to go and we got there and we called her and she said that her son came home drunk and she couldn´t leave him..but that she would be there Sunday..she didn’t come, nor did she answer the phone when we called we will see. She has interview for the 18th but will have to be for the 25th cause she didn’t come to church. We have hope for her.

We also were given the reference of a part active, named Gladis, and she is super cool, she was super excited to come to the conference and to church with us and didn’t answer either day when we called to see if she was coming. Sad day!  Well, we had a few other contacts this week but they always after we talk to them or teach them…well, I´m Catholic! Esta Bien Hermana, we aren’t here to change your religion, just to talk and teach what we have, and after that, it is your decision, all we can do is invite! And if we are teaching with the spirit, He will do His job and touch their hearts, and they will have the desires to keep listening to us and want to know more!

We are having a lot of fun! This transfer is a million times better than the last!! And from all she is telling me of Honduras, I have more desire to visit there than to come back here- ...almost.

How amazing was the general women´s session of conference!! I loved it, even though I ¨got¨ to watch it in Spanish. I still really enjoyed it and learned a ton! I loved the talk from Sister Esplin, her whole talk was amazing and I loved that song- families are of God! It was so cute!! My companion and I were a little trunkie after conference! Ha, ha thinking that our mom´s and sisters were watching it with us! -even worse was seeing all of the beautiful flowers and seeing the conference center! But, we are SO excited for this weekend when we get to watch it for two whole days!! It is amazing to think, that at the last conference, I was finishing in the MTC, and the next one I will be wrapping up the mission! How amazing an opportunity it is that we have to hear the words of our prophet and his apostles! Well, I can’t wait to watch conference with you this weekend!! 
As always I send my love to everyone and I am doing great!! 
No, we don’t have any sort of program with the youth, they have a noche de amigos, cada miercoles and that is always fun, they have members, less actives, and sometimes we get our investigators to go with us, we try –they just don’t always follow through on their commitment to come. hahaha and no i did not get your email, mom, in large letters, it is normal, completly normal! haha, 
i cant wait till i can go with my friends when i get home!!  
i hope you know how much i love all of you!!! You are all so incredible and I couldn’t be here with out you! I love you so much and am looking forward to watching conference with you!;) 
I hope you know how much I love everyone of you sooooo  much!!
Have a spectacular week!!
love you always and forever! 
your daughter and sister
Karlee Jo

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