Friday, May 29, 2015

March 23rd

Well, as you all know, we had transfers and this is going to be such a fun one!!!!!! Guess who´s here? You know it! She´s here as an Hermana leader and my comp seems super cool, she finishes this transfer! There are three Hermanas here in Rio Bamba that are going to die this transfer!! I am so excited!!

This week started off on a bad note, we were frustrated with each other and it was super hard, but we ended it on a good note! We had 31 contacts on Saturday!!  That´s the most I´ve ever had in one day!! 

I hope you all enjoyed your St. Patty’s Day! iI was kind of fun doing it in our District...and trying to explain to the Latinos why we had to have green on...ha,ha- but fun all the same! We have been working with a family and they said that yesterday if they weren’t traveling they would be there, and well, they must have been traveling since they didn’t come...but they said next week for sure! Wo we are excited for that!! Well, sadly, I don’t have a whole lot more to report this week...other than we contacted a reference from one of our investigators, and he is 33, still lives with his mom, and works with strippers....awkward!   It was super funny cause he doesn’t live in our sector so we took the elders to meet him and they were totally weirded will be interesting to see what happens! Ha,ha, ha!!

Well, our house here is a little smaller, but it is very open and everything is in shades of white so it feels super open, really nice!  The branch, we had 127 in attendance yesterday, our branch president is super awesome, and 28 but his wife is amazing and super cute!! The members have good intentions...just don’t always follow through on what we need. But not too bad! Our meals we finally have figured out and they are good so far! 
Well, I know there is a reason I am here and I am glad that I have the opportunity to serve!!
I love you all sooooo much!!
have a spectacular week!!

Karlee Jo

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