Monday, February 23, 2015

23 February 2015 Hard Work and Learning

Well, this week was another adventure!  As all of this next transfer is going to be!! I am trying hard and it is getting better, but not perfect yet!   As you’ve said, we can’t change someone´s ways after only two weeks… especially when they are from a different stubborn country..Peru..what..and have no freaking sense of time!  We are still trying as I said and it is getting better.  Your emails were perfect for what I needed to hear and definitely give hope and something to keep trying and keep moving forward to! 

Where are all of you in your scripture studies?   I would love to hear where you’re at and what you’ve learned!  And I hope you are going to the temple and taking advantage of that amazing opportunity that you have with the temple so close! 

This week wasn’t too bad-- not as good as I wanted it to be, but all we can do is keep putting our best foot forward-- 110%.   For me…, we will see what the Lord has in store, maybe a baptism, maybe a new companion.. we´ll see!  Have you listened to the new songs they have for the youth on the church page?  They´re great! 

Anyway, on Tuesday, we had divisions with the Hermana leaders and they really are great!  Having that day apart really helped me get a grip on things, besides being able to talk to someone else about it and receive immediate answers and feedback.   Wednesday we had a lesson with Alexandra and her daughter, Leidi, who is 7 ½, they are so cute!  They..well she, accepted fecha for the 14th of March, but that will have to be changed to the 21st since they didn’t come to church yesterday like they said they would :( 
On Thursday, we had our normal district meeting followed by a short zone meeting, and lo, and behold, who should show up...?  President Christensen!  It was good to see him, it was pretty funny too because he asked me how I was liking Rio Bamba and I was like: it’s great!  Not all that great, but we will change that and make it better.  For all I know, I could be getting an even harder companion after this one and I guess I should just be grateful for what I have now!  
Our investigator, Mayra had fecha for Saturday, but something happened with her dad and she had to travel to the Orient until Tuesday and was supposed to have her interview on Thursday, but she didn’t feel ready, so she didn’t have it,. so we set it up for Friday at noon, and we told her we would come pick her up since we were going to be up there for a service project, and we went and she wasn’t there… didn’t answer her phone, and so we are hoping she can have her interview on Wednesday when we will be able to visit her since she has to do stuff for work on Tuesday..  and hopefully the elders will be able to stop by and at least see how she is doing since we won’t be here-- we will be in Quito for our Hermana conference!
I am so excited to see Hna. Castillo again! I am not, however, looking forward to the 4 hour trip to Quito!  I think we are leaving tomorrow night or afternoon staying with the nurses... and then have the conference Wednesday and come home. 
Saturday we had a district study with our dL and practiced lesson one to help my companion and I know what we can do better in our teaching!  It was pretty good! 
Sunday our dL was super sick, he had something wrong before-- I think parasites-- and I guess it wasn’t all the way gone--he came to church for the first two hours and was just miserable and then the elders did divisions and he went home and stayed all day.. now we just hope that the rest of us don’t end up with anything.  All six of us are in the same branch here and there are two or three other branches here in Rio Bamba.  
So, it hasn’t been too bad of a week!

I send my hellos and love to all the umpires from down here in Ecuador!!
The internet place is pretty close to our house..basically across the street. 
We only contacted 10 or 11 people today and He has so many more for us to talk to!!!   Our area is really pretty-- we are in El Centro again, but it seems a lot more calm here then in Latacunga! 
It is kind of like watching the kids here play from what i can picture of your Blue and Gold banquet--they just play with what they have--they don’t’ have a full bucket of toys like all the kids at home.. and the toys are all a lot more expensive here! 

Well, you will have to send all my love to the fam!  Lots of hugs and kisses!!
I love you all soooooooooo much- thanks for all of your love and support and I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow... despite how hard it is, ..but as my nana kept reminding me before I left,  [ I CAN DO HARD THINGS ] I know that my Savior lives, that he loves me, and has a plan for me! I know it is hard now, but there is so much to learn from this experience! 
Have a spectacular week!!
Love always and forever

karlee jo

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