Thursday, February 19, 2015

16 February 2015

Hi, all!   Well,  I think this has been one of the hardest weeks of the mission!! Hard companion and I am learning a lot more patience than I really want to be learning! But, hopefully all will work itself out!

So, as I said, my comp is from Peru and when I was talking to Hna. Castillo last week, before cambios, we were talking about which ‘type’ of companion had been the hardest and she said, for her, it was Peruvians...and I now know why.. and I don’t really know how to explain it...she has absolutely no concept of time- so we are late to everything...and you know how much I love that!
Like our district mtg. the other day, she never seems to want to shower until half way through our studies or like 15-20 minutes until we need to be somewhere so after we had shared what we had studied in personal study, I was like ‘k’ if you’re going to shower go a head and do it… and this was at 9:30 and our reunion was at 11...we were still a half an hour late!!  How does that happen!!??   She is 22 and I think she acts like an immature 12 year old! and it is hard too because I am in a new area which is really nice, and don’t know anything and she talks and talks and talks in lessons, which is fine except that when I have finished the lesson and she brings up another point or has another question for them...then the lesson goes on for another 30+minutes...which means that we are late to our next appt. can I make us hurry faster...?  Okay, well, in our district there are six of us for the branch, elder Leach is our DL from California, his comp elder Marcos from Peru, elder Barton from Provo, and elder Moscera from Columbia. .. there are 8 Hermanas in the zone and I don’t remember how many of us there are in the zone.  But it is a fun district!!  Today we played carníval!!   It is a holiday of sorts that they have here where it is basically a water fight, they have cans of foam- cans like they have for silly string, and they play with that and water balloons and arena..flour, and eggs and sometimes the arena has coloring in it.  It was sooo much fun; we played everyone against everyone!  We were all soaked and coated in flour by the time we were done!  We changed and went to the mall here for lunch and talked and enjoyed the day! 

Okay, so last week our time got crunched so I am going to answer the rest of your questions now, then tell you more about my week then answer questions from this week

No, we don’t’ make our food we have mamitas that cook for us for lunch, and it is a service that they do for us, for right now, starting in March we are going to have what they are calling a pensionista and we will be paying them and it will be one lady for lunch and dinner, but this way we can tell them how much and what we want or don’t want to eat because we are paying them and we will be with them everyday. They said that this is in an effort to keep the missionaries from getting sick so often from food being not well prepared at investigators houses and such.

Okay, now to this week as a district and as a zone we have the goal of 8 contacts minimum every day and if we don’t complete this goal we have to buy everyone bread.. which isn’t too big of a deal since there are panadarias everywhere, but on our budget it is still a lot, if we aren’t completing this goal. So that makes it a little more fun to have a competition between the 3 companionships to see who has the most for the day.. clearly the contacts are still people and we still take it seriously, but it gives us a motive to contact even more because it is just something that no one likes to do all that much. 

This week we have visited a few different people, but the few that I want to talk about are Myra Gomez, she is I think 27, and has fecha for this Saturday!  So that is super exciting and she is great!  The other is the Flia Ortiz, it is a mom and her 6 year old and her 1 month old baby and they live with the papa of the two boys and she knows the church is true she knows what she needs to do...they just have to get married first! --like everyone here in Ecuador! 

I am really learning a lot in this cambio already, as I said before, my patience is really being tried, but I am learning a lot of Spanish -having to use it all the time!! And it is definitely a growing experience to be comp mayor! It is full of new possibilities to learn and grow- this change- and hopefully we will make it through!  Though I am sure, not with out a few more tears. But my DL is great! He kind of knows what is going on and knows that I am frustrated and said he’d talk to her… but how can I let him or have him talk to her if I can’t have the guts to say something first..?  If it is bothering me that badly, I have to put on the big girl pants and talk to her myself, if it still doesn’t get any better then I can let him talk to her.  

Well, we have had a good long first week, but I am hoping to learn and practice more patience and let it roll off and have some fun this change- so that will definitely be something we will personally working on! 
Our branch president and his wife are super young, but, hey, are really great!  I think that it is going to be a great experience working with them in this branch and hopefully we can help it grow!!

It is so good to see that some of the beautiful little flowers are starting to open up and bring a little more life and sunshine to life! 

Well, this picture is one of our district before the carnival fight and one of our zone afterwards! 

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of love! Oh, and daddy, I made sure to eat some chocolate for v-day!!  Hope yours was fantabulous!!
Love you
Always and forever!

Karlee Jo

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