Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's in Ecuador

Wow! I can’t believe that we are in 2015 already!! It has gone so fast!
This week has been sooo much fun! Also, slightly frustrating because it was the new year so we had to stay inside for the whole New Year’s Eve day, so the elders ended up coming over to the house of the members that we live with and we played cards for hours! We ate chips and salsa Hna Castillo and I had made and some cookies-- it was so good!  These Ecuadorians have some strange traditions for New Year’s!! The men dress up as woman and dance in the street in front of like every car until they give them money! It is crazy! --but we had fun and then that night we had dinner with the family and they did some like sparklers and pop-its!
We woke up Friday morning at 2am--we heard something and got up and went to the little bathroom (that we never use) and as we were turning the corner there was water all over the floor! So, we open the door and the little tube thing under the sink had come off-- had broken somehow-- and was shooting a jet of water into the corner! We had no idea where the water shut off was or anything, so we grabbed the phone and tried to call Hno. Fausto, who lives downstairs, but naturally he didn’t answer, so we went down and knocked on the door and thank the lucky stars his wife got up and came to the door. We were like, I’m sorry but we have water going everywhere! Like it was out the front door and coming down the stairs! So she came up and got it turned off and we swept the water out the door and she said that they would come back and fix it tomorrow, so we went back to bed! But, man, what a crazy night!!  What was really cool, was that Hna. Castillo had something like a dream and said it was a voice in her head clear as day telling her that everything was getting wet --everything was wet! She kind of woke up, but then she felt like she was wet and got up and looked saw the water and came back into the room to wake me up just as i was getting up! It was so crazy!  I know that the Lord is watching out for us!! Because if we hadn’t gotten up, we had backpacks and books and crap all over the floor that would have been ruined!
This  week, as I said, has been crazy! We also left our keys on the desk one day and had the member come open the front door, but then we still didn’t have keys to get into our actual house, so my companion climbed through the kitchen window--and that is not very big at all!
Last night we were visiting a member/converso and her house isn’t all that clean, so I have this habit of keeping my backpack on my lap. We finished the lesson and she brought us yogurt and bread-- the typical Ecuadorian roll that is like a hockey puck, hard and crumbles all over. So, my hands are full and my backpack started falling, and not really thinking I tried to catch, my bread ended up on the floor and yogurt all over my backpack and my hands and was somehow still coming over the side of the that was not all that fun! ---but funny now!!:)
This week we also met a new lady named Marta Corba- and she is super cool, she told us that she thought that we were the answer to her prayers! and that she was going to come to church with us on Sunday, but never came...sad day!
Today we played ecua-volley and we were playing with a soccer ball that was so hard! but it was fun and we made some guacamole, then as normal we went for pizza and we printed some pictures and came to email!
my comp has almost a year in the mission and it seriously is so much more fun than my first two cambios!!

I love you all soooo much,
Always and forever
Karlee Jo

Crepes and weird ice cream

My companion plays the guitar

Dancing in the street

Sitting in gum. Yuck!

Me and my comp (Hma. Castillo) at the crepe place

Water coming through the door

Waterfall/stream we walk by often

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