Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1st-- a real letter :)

Hola como estan ustedes!! First...Thanksgiving...we didn’t do anything, we thought about it only a few times during the day...the first of only two times I will not be doing anything for Thanksgiving! But, it was a good day!
Okay, update on the teaching! We have two new investigators, Jonathan (22) and Gissela(11) the sister of Gissela and her mom are menos activas and her sister..other sister is a recent convert. Jonathan is the husband of the sister that is less active..but, they are great! Especially Gissela, the first lesson we had with them, when we asked her what she wanted from us she said "baptize me," so that has been awesome and she has such a warm and loving heart even though she is only 11!  Jonathan was going good-- we got him to realize that he didn’t need to drink, he told us that even though all of his friends were going to invite him to drink after work on Friday that he wasn’t going to do it he was just going to come home, which he did! We were so excited for him!!  He did great on Saturday, but Sunday when his brother visited with their cousin, he drank with them...uhgg! So, we will be working with him on la palabra de sabiduria!  We are also working with both Nidia(22)and Ana(22) again!! yay!! and both have fecha! Ana for 13 de diciembre and Nidia for 20 de diciembre. Johnathan and Gissela,..well Gissela for sure, has fecha for 20 de diciembre also!!  We are still working on finding new people, we are hoping to find some new families to teach this week! 
I have read my blessing a lot these last few weeks, and it never ceases to amaze me how incredible it is, that we have this amazing priesthood power that we can receive blessings! We had a really neat experience with this--- one of my first weeks here, one of the recent converts that we visit is Naomy, she is 9 and has something wrong with her stomach and can’t always come to church because of is serious enough that she has been to the hospital a few times with it, but the Elders came with us one night to give her a blessing, and I couldn’t understand any of it, but the spirit was there so strong! I love the power of the priesthood and am so grateful to have my papa and others in my life that hold that power and can use it to bless so many! 
Well, here’s to another week! I love you all soooooooooooo-soooooooosooooooo much !!!! Hope this week to come is a great one!
 with love

karlee jo

Note: Quilotoa is a volcano crater in Ecuador :) AND the pictures did not transfer through very clearly, but it still gives the idea....

The sunset

Our district before hiking

Quilatoa from the deck

Quilotoa from near the bottom


Karlee at Quilotoa

Quilotoa near bottom

The fog cloud they drove through--they were that high up!

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